Friday, 8 March 2019

Foreign climes.

Sally had been in India looking for tigers and she found some .She also picked up some textiles on her travels.This cushion cover has a great deal of work in it .

Although not the best quality it still shows a great deal of skill and cost the grand sum of about £6.00.

Her elephant fabric was bought in Africa and will become the cover of her sketch book in due course .

Some of the images she hopes to use 

for her messages pieces, for our UWE stand this year, will be based on animal markings, camouflage and deception.

A word of warning for those of you who use Bondaweb. Sally purchased some sold as Bondaweb by Fabricland but she was extremely disappointed .You can see why in the image below ,the whole surface has a very obvious diamond grid across it which distracts from the image of animal markings she wanted to transfer.

We suggested she might choose instead to use her photos and have a length of fabric printed by a firm such as PRINFAB.

She has some lovely papers from Bhutan she intends to use ,they are so gorgeous.

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  1. I had a piece of fusible that was gridded like that. This was early in my textile art journey. Had to do some out of the box thinking to save my work. Turns out it was Heat n Bond..I have avoided it ever since. I have never seen Bondaweb/Wonderweb with a grid. Perhaps it was misnamed?
    I had some fusible from Fabricland in the past. Although it was a bit courser than the type I generally use, it worked for what I needed.