Thursday, 20 June 2019

Is it June

We met on a very wet and unseasonably cold June day, depressing weather but not the work which was shown.

Debby had nothing to show that she had worked on recently.She had given a talk to Newent Quilters about her practice and while sorting out what she would take she unearthed the above length of fabric.It was used many years ago in her degree show.It was a length of Fabricland's polyester silk and painted in her very recognisable style with silk paints.The different coloured sections are for earth ,fire,water and air.She has plans to use this as a background adding in floating birds and feathers .It will be a lovely way to recycle.

Schools have to teach citizenship and Debby devised an original way to engage her 
pupils, who come from diverse backgrounds.Each was given a hexagon and were asked to think about what they thought special about where they came from, and what their families prized as important .Above is one of the pieced hangings that resulted from this creatIive exercise all sewn together by Debby!

If you recall Sally offered Viv the use of her cord maker .They got together and created the twisted cord you see threaded through Viv's pockets 

A choice influenced by the denim and its trademark orange stitching.

She will add some safety pins, with a nod to Punk, to stop the pockets sliding down the cord when hung.


While clearing out and sorting through her Miaou samplers she happened upon these little canvas worked samples.She had created some little kits to accompany the exhibition she and Sally put on in UWE.

She thought about making cards from them  ,but we thought they had too much work in them for that .Instead we suggested magnetic needle keepers , brooches ,inserts for box lids ,commercially produced from Framecraft perhaps.

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