Tuesday, 4 June 2019


Ikea frames are a reasonable price but are often made from compressed paper and do not take kindly to having d-rings attached, often loosening and pulling out.Kirsten has worked around this with a neat solution.Use a strong  adhesive attach a batten on the back of the frame then screw into that.

This is what she has on the flip side a stitched wool felt panel with birds on a wire.

The birds were first painted with Inktense bars onto fabric before being stitched to the panel. A lovely mix of media.

She had been working on this fox while stewarding at the Guild.He has been added to since then but still awaits some final touches such as shaggy fibres to his coat and some eyes to animate him.

This hoop is one of Kirsten's teaching aids for some stitch workshops.

You can find out more from 'The Spinning Wheel 'in Clevedon and 'Quilting in the 
Meadow 'at Weston -Super -Mare.She has workshops scheduled for 6th July at Clevedon and 27th June at Weston.

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