Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Festival of Quilts 2019.

Liz is exhibiting at the Festival of Quilts 1st-4th August ,with a group of artists from around the world .Their exhibit ion is called 'Natural Selections '

They are all eco- dyers but with the proviso that they use no chemicals to aid their process.

Liz has created pieces using oak leaves ,strip cloth and soya milk.

The Oak tree is considered the King of trees and is also associated with the Warrior, for this reason she has created this cloak .

It offers protection for the wearer .

It can be worn or displayed as a wall piece.She was dismayed last time to have cut the neck much too wide and low .However, her solution of adding lots of stitched leaves to fill the neckline looks much better than the original.Sometimes accidents offer a better way forward.

Lots of stitch and beautiful natural dyed leaves.

Despite being very busy with the organisation of the exhibition she still finds time for her bookmaking and boxes.This is a Blizzard box and folds up to just a sliver!

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