Thursday, 18 July 2019

July Meeting.

The day was very different from our June meeting,Summer seemed to have passed June by but we have had some lovely July Summer days and this was no exception.We met at Sally's and were indoors for much of it venturing outside at lunchtime to see her glorious poppies .See her instagram for pics ,sallysparks35.

Jane is on holiday for a few weeks so is spending some time trying a pattern for a Bargello lap quilt.Above is a seat of a chair worked by Sally and is an example of Bargello.

Jane is using 2"strips which are left over from other projects.This is a practice to perfect the technique.

The underside, which is as neat as the front.

This looks special enough so we wonder what the 'Real ' one will be like

She had recently used a Christmas present to visit Hampton Court to do a class with the Royal College of Needlework.

She chose a crewel work class with Lizzie Pye and received this box of goodies.

Far more than was needed to work the bird.Jane had a thoroughly good time ,working stem, long and short, chain, trellis and satin stitch.She also came away with some useful tips ,such as stabbing the needle through then pulling the thread from the back.It gives a smoother finish.Also making two tiny stitches in the front of the work to secure then snip.

Perhaps next time, this little bird will be completed.

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