Monday, 1 July 2019

Little boxes but not 'made out of ticky -tacky'!

Sue has really taken the boxes and made them her own.

They are quite sturdy and made from a whole lot of different papers, many made by Sue.She has experimented using print on them ,and trapping leaves within tissue papers strengthened with laminating.Lots of scope for inspired papers .

Talk turned to what she might want to do with them in the exhibition. Jenga like plucking one from the pile without toppling the rest?This done over and over might lead to them being damaged though.

Thoughts were another idea ,allowing participants to hide a secret within a chosen box.Or for them to be used to contain a memory .She thought the sentiment 'Love is ........' might be her message.

She brought her cockerel along ,which she found had grown and grown as he was added to .Here a detail of his 'feathers'

and here the beginnings of his comb and wattle.He will be magnificent!

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