Monday, 8 July 2019

More clever boxes .

Liz has a friend in Devizes who teaches bookbinding that she goes to regularly.Liz had played with magic boxes previously and wanted to see if she could change the dimensions and still get them to work.

Theseare her results so far .She is not pleased that they are not quite perfect ,they catch instead of opening smoothl.You can be sure she will fix this little glitch that none of the rest of us would have noticed had she not pointed it out 

She decided to make a piece for wearing for her Festival of Quilts eco exhibition as the oak offers protection, being the tree of the warrior.She decided on a poncho type garment but was dismayed to discover the neckline was much too wide .....another solution to be found to rescue this promising piece.

Jenn had added to her printed collection of pieces and had begun to add in stitch as well as appliqué.

There was some concern that her message would not be understood.

So some discussion was had about the best way to proceed to make it plainer.

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