Thursday, 25 July 2019

Flowering loveliness and new techniques.

Viv had also been looking out old photos, some taken in Cornwall and some taken closer to home on the edge of the Gorge.She was enlarging them and using a window to choose areas to concentrate on.No doubt we'll soon be seeing some of her lovely work involving flowers.

The next item involved a technique found on YOUTUBE.....dinner fork weaving!
We were a little bemused and wondered why anyone would bother .Viv had given it a go and produced this pink flower.It looks like a lot of effort for so little a return, but we're all different.

She had also taken one of the double -eyed needles Jane had brought in a previous meeting and trialled what it could do.

She was a little underwhelmed and thought she could probably do without one, saying she preferred a twin needle.Others have taken them so we shall see if the general consensus is the same.

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