Sunday, 23 April 2017


In March Marilyn brought along several pieces ,first this long blue and white piece .The weft had been dyed blue but only half had been put in the dyepot, but had come out bluer than she intended .This is a deflected double weave.

This next piece was fascinating consisted of a grey wool and a silk/cotton with neps.This is a before shot when taken off the loom.

And this is an after shot when it has been through the wash

The grey wool has shrunk and created these 'flowers' 

This was another try out in a different colour way.

Marilyn went away and came back with in April with the fruits of her labours

No ,not the coat !

but this glorious length 

of space dyed 


It was achieved  over four days ,dyeing in lengths of guttering in her garden

to get fast colour ,as the eventual weaving has to be washed, she used Procyon not her usual Direct dyes.

and the coat ...............a charity shop find.It is so typically Marilyn with its vibrant colour and pattern.

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