Sunday, 23 April 2017

You may well ask ?

Can you identify these?

Aren't they other worldly?

Viv discovered them in her garden when having a post Winter tidy up.

Jenn was interested enough to take them home with her ......does that give you an inkling?

She had taken a piece of bark cloth and begun to stitch marks she had observed on a Poppy seed head she has.There is a lot more to add as she wants to build up the layers of stitch and close the gaps between the areas of different stitches.

The using up of scraps of samples continues to grow slowly.This will be on display in NiA in the Autumn .There was some comment that  it could be a hanging or one or two pieces might fit well in a frame.

At the beginning of April Jenn spent the weekend at Ammerdown working with Stitch Textile Artist mentored by Sian Martin.They had to make 'brushes ' from found items and use them to create words associated with their work story.

Jenn used a variety from the garden but the most successful brush was one hastily put together from dry rose hips bound with masking tape.

The word written was GROW.The pieces above are created with layers and then the 'O'
Has been stitched,or cut out and offset.More work to do,but looks promising.

And the answer to the question at the start is ............Mouli.......radish left in the garden and desiccated over the Winter.!

And this is what Jenn did with them using her Pen and ink drawing app on her I-pad.

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