Sunday, 2 April 2017

Techniques heaven.

Kirsten has been  working with birds,we thought these above on dyed blanket (freehand needle felt) worked beautifully.The robin would have hopped  into anyone's bag and been taken home!The 3-d birds on a branch were for a commission,lucky person.

She had also been experimenting with aluminium dyeing .

Using pieces to work up into jewellery.The unanodised aluminium can also be used with Sharpies for colour.She originally took a course with  Mandy Nash.

Carol has been making slow progress with her piece on coral.She was dissatisfied with the colours of cotton yarn ,feeling they were too vibrant .We suggested adding bleach ,or dyeing some yarn herself so she has control over the depth of colour.No doubt it will all be resolved .

She had taken a course offered by Kate Andre in Tewkesbury using a Gelli plate
Techniques included using commercial stencils as backgrounds but also hand cut masks.She produced some lovely prints and has 

the opportunity to experiment with what she learned .Information here

No pictures I'm afraid ,she squirrelled them away before they could be snapped ,but she had taken a course with Deborah O'Hare. She had lots of lovely hand dyed fabrics using a variety of ways to colour the fabric......cotton with Seta colour transparent paints.They had used a spritzer,screwed up wet and dry fabrics with great results.Pity you can't see them!You can find information here

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