Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Blast from the Past.

It is sometimes good to sort through stashed fabrics and to look through ufos.,which is precisely what Deryll has been doing.She found this photo of the South Downs,taken when her son married, and began the accompanying piece .

Her little landscape ,we saw last month, was entered into the Long Ashton show and won a very creditable second place.The card we also saw was Highly Commended .

While having her sort through she came upon some dyed fabric done some years ago

and this little purse along with the instructions to make it .

It can be sized to fit whatever size you wish.It cleverly stitches the outer and inner lining and it is turned through a small gap which is slipstitched to close.

We liked this little bag too, that Debby bought at UWE? it uses small pieces of fabric and is a neat shape.

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