Saturday, 27 October 2018


Sally had returned from her trip to Zambia and admitted that she had sat, walked but not lifted a pencil .She had used the time to relax for the two weeks she was away.

She had picked up some beads and flour resist fabrics from Tribal Textiles at the world Textile Day

and had some delightful cards from Zambia, made on paper made from elephant dung.

Since being back ideas have been slowly percolating, and she has made drawings 

from photographs of the trees which fall and lie down the in the river in Zambia 

She has also been playing around on the computer with her photos applying filters to see what results.

The mud ,below, is so like the markings on a giraffe.

More wonderfully textured trees and 

a play with zebras!We thought the middle one could be a perfect abstract piece....Sally maintains she doesn't do abstract.

She intends to use her repurposed ,washed papers to create a book ,with beads for the binding.Her mind map of the emerging ideas just shows that no experience goes to waste.It just needs time to emerge.

And one last purchase -from Sue Hawkins at UWE ,a kit to see if Sally can manage some hand sewing which she finds difficult these days .

She thought the canvas work might help as there are holes already to push the needle through.


Sally's exhibit at the RWA Autumn Open Show .Textiles are gradually being recognised and accepted ........Well done Sally !

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