Sunday, 21 October 2018

More World Textiles.

Debby had picked up this indigo fabric from Quilters Guild where they often have some pieces of fabric for sale.She thought it had been stitched along its length before being dunked in the dye bath.There were some very fine lines where it had resisted the dye.She was wondering what she might use it for .The width was quite narrow so she might have to do some piecing to get a garment from it.

She had also had a spending spree at World Textile Day, picking up some Hungarian batik fabric.It is incredibly fine and detailed, the wax is pressed into the cloth from copper and wire tools which create the repeat patterns, like the tjaps used in Indonesia.

Debby couldn't resist adding to her collection of tjantings, they are beautiful to look at and a joy to use being so light.

a little Hungarian heart 

and stencil,

some Schwein fabric

and a fabric pack.

She also bought this length of stitch resist fabric in gorgeous earthy colours.Debby told us that before the Slave  trade many more dyes were used.It was only that indigo was easy to cultivate that it proved popular.The patterns in the fabric are reminiscent of scarification patterns used on skin by many indigenous peoples.

Her last purchase was a lovely Kantha pack.We will no doubt see these in different guises soon.

She had been doing some creating her own words" this month I have been mostly making bags'

This is one and she has used a Prym snap tool to add the closure .They can be bought in lots of lovely colours to enhance your makes.

These were made from some pleather and offcuts of laminated fabrics left over from a workshop.

If you visit @65 gallery in Nailsea when we are there we are sure you'll find many more such goodies to spend your pennies on.

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