Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Jane had used an out of print agricultural husbandry book for her insects on this fabric. It is very playful and has a plush surface, a bit like velvet.She has plans to re-upholster a bench with it she uses in her sitting room.It should be a lovely and very original, personal project

She had been trialling some of her machine stitched bugs on various grounds. Several years ago she had ordered 100g of silk hankies for City and Guilds work, not realising how light they are.She reckons they will keep her going a long time! She had used dissolvable fabric and plunged the whole thing in hot water after .

Jane envisages being enveloped by them, gently wafting in a gallery, where you could walk through them. They look very ethereal but need a more robust backing Jenn suggested maybe some Margilan gauze, a scrim made from silk.

She had also tried them on wool tops, hoping when it was felted they would become more 3 dimensional.Unfortunately ,it didn't work as planned so more experiment needed.

Jenn, needing some handwork to do while stewarding, had dug out some hand-dyed turquoise fabrics.She applied some small squares and strips of felt, cotton, velvet and randomly stitched into them.She has an idea that she may add layers of transparent fabrics printed with hand made stamps based on marks.

Inspired by the effects on the unearthed fabrics she had also spent an afternoon  randomly dyeing some silk, cotton, scrim and velvet, just to see if she could remember how.

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