Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Withdrawal symptoms and a remedy !


  First a date for your diaries..........24th November -Ist December.
                       GALLERY 65 
                       65 HIGH STREET 
                       BS48 1AW.

We have been having withdrawal symptoms after not being able to exhibit at Newark Park earlier this year, and having the Bristol Guild cancel our booking next Spring because of building work.There has to be some focus for our work so we have been looking around for other opportunities.Deryll did some sleuthing and has found this new venue in Nailsea .We will be there on the above dates and hope to see lots of you.As well as work on the walls there will be cards and other goodies for sale.An excellent early shopping opportunity.

Now on to the October meeting........

Jenn belongs to Sian Martin's Stitch Textile Artists (www.stitchtextileartists.blogspot.co.uk)who meet twice a year at Ammerdown and exhibit together about once every two years.The next exhibition 'Telling Tales' is coming up at Ilminster in the Spring.jenn had been spending some time working on her pieces.She brought along some "pods" which will accompany a 

wall piece .They have been made from cotton organdie with corded pin tucking and her own printed fabrics.Some additional embellishing has been added in hand stitch, beads and sequins.

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