Tuesday, 30 April 2019

'I'm sorry......

........but I haven't done really anything to give you'.
A familiar refrain that is then followed up with piece after piece of completed work or work in progress!

Ira is prolific and what she calls a little the rest would call a LOT!
She intends to work a series of samplers to include collage, appliqué and stitch for UWE.Her message will be Textile Work is Art. 

These have begun with layers of her own painted and printed papers attached to a ground.She has added in some collaged papers and it is after this stage she will work her magic with closely stitched and beaded surfaces which will transform what you see here.

She has an ongoing fascination with historical buildings, stained glass and medieval walls.A  collection of books by Roger Rosewell helps in her research into this subject. She loves to use abstraction and is planning work around Tintern Abbey .We thought it might be an idea to use Prinfab and send some of her work to be transferred to cloth and then work on them.

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