Thursday, 4 April 2019

Layers, folds and holes.

                                            Liz had been continuing to add to this piece.Her feeling was that         
the leaves needed more definition ,so she had added stitch with the machine which made them much more visible .

She enjoys working with strip cloth but recently it has been less easy to get and what she has been able to source has been of an inferior quality .

So,ever resourceful she has used two layers of mud cloth and stitched through

This small piece ,below, is for Contemporary Quilters West and is to be 16"square. A challenge in itself!

She and Debbie  Pawle are going to exhibit together again at UWE. Their work will feature collections they have gathered.Liz visits St.Ives, Cornwall regularly and is basing her work around the colours she sees in the rooftops.Beach combing is an essential part of any visit and this pebble, along with many other beach finds will feature.

She also visited Whitby in Yorkshire recently and picked up a great many pebbles like the one below.It is intriguing as the hole is as if it has been drilled by some tool.We wondered if they were created as fishing weights ,or someone had been on the beach making pebble stacks by drilling holes then threading onto  driftwood........we'd love to know the answer .

She has also returned to another passion, that of bookmaking.This one created with solid fold over covers and using her rust dyed papers.

'Out of the Fold' ,a recent book purchase yielded this 

fascinating box structure which fold up into a long oblong.

and a star box, below. Paper of all kinds works but will fabric? We will wait and see.

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