Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Skill and talent in abundance.

A present of this book and some carrageen moss set Kirsten off making these delicious marbled papers.It's not easy to do but with her diverse talents she managed very well.

As a member of Clevedon art club she puton her painting and drawing hat.This month's topic was skies and they had a taught workshop with Hugh ?She executed some fabulous skies in normal media then went on to create some in her beloved felt.

The felt fibres were supplemented with silk to add sheen, the colours were stunning as you can see below.

Not sure why the jelly fish crept in too ,sorry must have missed the reason.He's a fine fellow nonetheless!

The socks were a try out for an embroidery workshop to be taught locally to teach differeb=nt embroidery stitches to beginners.

And then this came out .......

Pigeons are always associated with carrying messages, so Kirsten proposes using them in her work for UWE later in the year.Her mock- up uses cut outs and drawing and she will create a background showing the pigeon's view.

And finally a selection of her birds which will make an appearance at the Guild in April/May.

Be quick though if you'd like to see them up close, as they usually fly out very fast!

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