Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Natural World.

Deryll had listened to our opinions last time and had been trying some ideas to give her piece the impact we thought it needed .Below you can see how she has pieced 'sky' and 'land 'fabrics together. She had also  been auditioning fabrics to create the fissure she wants to represent the fracturing of the land .She had used black here but felt it might be too stark a contrast so was going to try subtler shades.

Her pieced fabrics work well though, a compilation of her hand dyed fabrics collected over time and stitched together.It is a departure for her to work large but we think it will be well worth it .

Debby had attended a workshop back last year with Alice Fox where they couched all sorts of items to fabric with organza and  stitch.Carol liked the idea when she heard Debby talk about it.

She had already  collected together a selection of shells and pebbles mounting them on pristine white backgrounds .

Using tiny coloured stitches she had emphasised the shapes and created a stitched border which make these beautiful little treasures important in their simplicity.

With time marching on she has returned again to her piece for Newark.This is based on a textile hidden away in one of the drawers of a chest in a bedroom.

Using dyed blanket and variegated thread,Carol is embroidering what will become the seat of a chair.It's already looking good ,we can't wait to see the finished article installed in Newark for our June exhibition.

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