Wednesday, 12 March 2014


You may remember this piece of felt ,Kirsten brought it along a few months ago.She was inspired by a still life she had done while at college.The piece had been cut up and rearranged so she did the same with the felt.It has now been stitched and is ready for mounting,probably on a stretcher.Please excuse the angle ,it was me taking the photo,the pieces of felt are actually parallel to the edge.

Next she showed some pieces inspired by scissors.  A large  felt hanging ,above ,made with naturally coloured   wools.She had been along to 'Heartspace' to do a lino printing on fabric course.Liz and Carol did it too,look back a few posts to see their results.

Above you can see the original pen drawing and some of the resulting prints.Kirsten exploited the background by allowing the cut marks to print.

Couldn't resist showing some of her other drawings,the detail is extraordinary.She used a fine pen in sepia,good to see a change from black,sorry can't remember the exact make .

Then a few more of her prints.

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