Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Industrious !

Heather collected the most amazing range of fabrics,threads ,ribbons and beads.In her quiet ,unassuming way she used to assemble them into creative fabric packs .These were sold at exhibitions.When  she left the group we took possession of her stash.As you can see the fabric filled three tables.

Some of it looks less than useful.

When cut into usable pieces ,ironed and added to they begin to take on a different life.Several of us got together yesterday to attack the mountain of stuff.Jane did sterling service cutting and ironing.

Marilyn packed the resulting creative packs.

Debbie 'primped',adding threads,beads,sequins,ribbons

From this rather large container.We had lots of delighted squeals as she found yet another treasure.

Patricia took three or four fabrics artfully chosen to tone or clash.


and Deryll did the same.

Carol cut the fabrics and has plans for these leavings,nothing was wasted.

Here are the fabrics folded and arranged awaiting 'primping'.

In the process of being 'primped'.

And finally packaged ,labelled and ready to go.

Nine of us managed to produce 130 packs in 5 hours and Heather used to manage 50 all by herself!
We want to give her a VERY BIG THANK-YOU for doing all that work over the years.

If you would like to pick up some of these packs,they really are little bags of lusciousness,then be sure to visit our exhibition.

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  1. Well done everyone. The packs look so tempting - I'm sure you'll sell plenty. I used to make them over 2 or 3 days and worked in stages as you did, first selecting the fabrics, ironing, packing, and so on. At this rate you'll be able to sell them on Ebay or open an Etsy shop!!