Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Quilts,Africa and Buy a Plank !

Liz has been taking a daily walk and using it to fuel her creative ideas.She has been collecting marks we would normally ignore,dismiss or just not see.

Using her Gelli plate she has translated those marks into repeats on a variety of fabrics.They make for some very distinct graphics,with the use of black and white.

There are some positive and negative versions, they create a lively and exciting surface.She has plans for a quilt which should be worth waiting to see.

Talking of quilts,do you remember this from last month's blog post ? It has gone to be auctioned ,you can see it at
You can read all about the reasons behind the project and view the other quilts .If you like what you see you can be in with a chance of owning this ,or any of the other quilts by placing a bid.

P.S...........if you don't know what a GELLI- PLATE is go here and  be amazed !


  1. Ah, perhaps this will inspire me to take walks again!......after I have played with my gelli plate, perhaps?

  2. I am tempted to treat myself to a Gelli plate and love what Liz has done with hers. She has built up a most inspiring collection of patterns and I look forward to seeing how she uses them.