Sunday, 23 March 2014


Viv 's flower piece is finished ,framed and ready for exhibition.This time she brought  along her inspiration book,this contains sketches,photos,fabric,threads ,colour ways.As you can see below she is beginning to look towards a new piece based on irises.

This is her start at fashioning a background,it may look rather unprepossessing to the unpracticed eye,but just wait and see what Viv can do with it!

Sue had been to the library and picked up a book by Susan Briscoe.She thought she would use up some of the fabrics in her stash.We thought she had been brave to begin her foray into patchwork bag making with this particular design.
Not only are each of the pieces wedge shaped but she had to fit the zip closure into the handle! It is beautifully made and the fabric choice so well matched.She has further embellished with automatic machine stitches.If this is her first attempt then what comes next?

Jenn is still finding more inspiration with fossils.These shapes are knitted from paper yarn and were inspired by sea urchins,she plans to dip some in pulp to see what results.

After looking at 'Drawn to Stitch 'by Gwen Hedley and 'Mark Making 'by Helen Parrot,she revisited her fossils drawings.
Taking a viewfinder she isolated areas of marks and played with different media to capture them.Some will definitely translate well into stich.

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  1. I nearly missed this post! Viv's sketchbook is beautiful, as is Sue's bag. I love it when something is beautiful as well as practical and those little knitted vessels of Jenn's are fascinating. So much inspiration.